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Personalised insights so you can find out what you should improve next!

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Has Riot authorised SwiftSkill?

Yes, we use the official API provided by Riot to third-party companies and strictly adhere to Riot's guidelines.

Can I find new people to play with?

Of course! We are developing a community of gamers who want to keep improving and collecting them all in our Discord server! Join our Discord to find new people :)

Will I get banned for using SwiftSkill?

Absolutely not! We fetch our data directly from Riot servers and don't ask you to install anything.

Can you help me analyse my data? I find it difficult to interpret what's on SwiftSkill

Sure, and supremely glad. Join our Discord Server and we would be more than happy to help you.

Why SwiftSkill instead of Blitz or Tracker?

Short answer: Privacy and better stats Long answer: We believe that stats and data should be used for improving oneself through in-depth analytics and not be a metric to hurt others. Our approach is different from our counterparts. They are fabulous, but we aim to become better than them ;)

I can only see my last 10 matches. Is it on purpose or a bug?

It is on purpose. When you first sign up, we fetch your recent 10 matches (excluding deathmatch, spike rush, etc.). However, if you ever feel like you have encountered a bug disrupting your experience, please let us know, in our Discord server

How can heatmaps help me?

Heatmaps essentially show the concentration of your kills or deaths at a point on map. For ease of use, we show the points on a scatter plot. Within a map, you should be able to determine your strong and weak spots using killmap and deathmap with higher concentration of points.

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